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$400 Instant Rebate When You Upgrade To a Variable Speed Pump


Get a $400 instant rebate when you replace a constant-speed pump with a variable-speed pool pump, rebate offered through the the Save On Energy program and will be applied at the time of purchase. PLUS save $710/year on your electricity costs when you upgrade to a Hayward Tristar VS 900* . If you’re looking for something else, Check out our full selection of variable speed pumps.

*Comparing a 1HP single speed pump vs. a TriStar VS 900 running at 2000 RPM, on an 80,000L pool running 24 hours a day for a 5 month period at an average of $0.13/kWh. Savings calculated using the Hayward® Canada Energy Calculator. + Rebate offered through the POOLsaver program and will be applied at time of purchase. Pump must be purchased and installed by Ultimate Pool Service Inc.

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