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Full Pool Opening
Non-Seasonal Pricing, Starting at:

445.00CDNIncludes the following:
  • Remove and clean the winter cover (and water bags, if applicable)
  • Clean the water line and coping
  • Remove winterizing plugs and install jets, lights, and deck equipment
  • Prepare and test all equipment
  • Super-chlorinate pool

Pressure wash area around the pool to remove winter grime

Partial Pool Opening
Non-Seasonal Pricing, Starting at:

345.00CDNIncludes the following:
  • The same service as a Full Pool Opening, but you either set up and test your own equipment OR remove all of the water and debris from the winter cover prior to our arrival.

*Not applicable to pools with Safety Covers

Equipment Start-Up
Starting at:

194.99CDNIncludes the following:
  • Remove winter plugs and install jets, lights and deck equipment
  • Prepare and test all equipment

*Winter cover must be removed prior to our arrival.

Spill Over Spa Start Up
Starting at:

95.00CDNIncludes the following:
  • Drain and pressure wash spa (if required)
  • Remove winter plugs and install jets and check equipment
  • Prepare and test spa operation

Weekly Maintenance
Starting at:

59.00CDNper Visit / Includes:
  • Skim any surface debris, vacuum the pool and scrub the water line
  • Backwash the filter and clean the skimmer and pump baskets (ensure filter pressure is optimal on cartridge filters)
  • Test water chemistry and add appropriate dosages of chemicals to keep water balanced and comfortable for your swimming enjoyment (chemicals not included)

Ensure equipment is operating properly

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