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  • SaniMarc Pro Spa Kit


    When you purchased your spa, you were looking forward to a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, until now, maintaining your hot tub has been neither pleasurable nor relaxing. With this kit, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the serenity and peace of mind you deserve. Your hot tub water will remain immaculate and crystal clear. The Sanimarc Pro Spa kit comes with a FREE MOBILE APP that sends you reminders when it’s time to add a product to your hot tub water. It contains all the products you need for a PERIOD OF 3-MONTHS. Enjoy total peace of mind and more time to unwind with the Sanimarc Pro Spa Kit! Easy. Effective. Clean. Sanimarc. [embed][/embed]

  • Spa Alkalinity (850g)


    Controls pH fluctuation in spa water. Raises alkalinity.

  • Spa Minus Gel (900ml)


    SPA MINUS GEL is a revolutionary product for spas. It is a gel and odourless pH reducer which acts rapidly in hot water.

  • Spa S.W.A.T (12 x 40g)


    Sani-Marc Spa S.W.A.T actively destroys the organic residue in your spa water. Oxidizing and clarifying treatment in one. This re-activating treatment restores the sparkle to your spa water. Box of 12 x 40g pouches.