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  • Clarita Ultra 2/1 (1L)


    Concentrated clarifier CLARITA ULTRA 2 IN 1 is a fast-acting concentrated clarifier that improves filtration by coagulating tiny particles in the water. The resulting larger solids are deposited at the bottom of the pool or captured by the filtration system. Leaves water crystal clear in just 12 hours. CLARITA ULTRA 2 IN 1 has anti-phosphate properties. When used weekly, it continuously eliminates phosphates in the water. CLARITA ULTRA 2 IN 1 is not affected by chlorine and works in any pH condition. It will not alter the water’s pH level. Clarifies pool water Eliminates phosphates

  • Klean Filter (1L)


    Concentrate Cleaner for all Filter Types KLEAN FILTER is a concentrated cleaner that efficiently removes dirt, scale, rust, body oils and cosmetics residue buildup in pool and spa sand or cartridge filters. When used on a regular basis, KLEAN FILTER will improve filtration and prolong the life of the cartridge or sand filter. Benefit Removes dirt and grease buildup in pool and spa cartridge or sand filters Formats : 1 L

  • Clarita Ultra 3/1 (100g)


    Long-lasting clarifier Clarita UltraTM 3-in-1 is a prolonged action clarifier that clarifies water, eliminates phosphates and improves filtration. Its gel formula improves filtration and water clarity in just 12 hours. Benefits Clarifies pool water Eliminates phosphates Improves filtration Format : 1 x 100 g

  • Klean Multi (1L)


    Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner for Vinyl and Resin KLEAN MULTI is a biodegradable cleaner that instantly dissolves all kinds of grease, dirt and water marks on vinyl pool and spa surfaces. Its fast-acting cleaning power makes cleaning quick and easy. KLEAN MULTI can also be used on garden furniture, resin-coated surfaces, pool walls, vinyl-coated metal parts, chrome and vinyl siding. Benefit Biodegradable Formats : 1 L

  • Spa Clarita Ultra 4/1 (500ml)


    Concentrated Clarifier for Spa Water SPA CLARITA ULTRA 4 IN 1 is a concentrated 4-in-1 clarifier for spa water. A single product for preventing and resolving the most common water problems such as cloudy water and excess organic waste, metals and phosphates. Benefits Clarifies water Eliminates organic waste Eliminates metals Eliminates phosphates Format: 500 mL

  • Klean Surface Ultra (4L)


    Concrete, brick, stone and ceramic cleaner KLEAN SURFACE ULTRA is an organic acid solution specially developed for pools. It efficiently cleans concrete, bricks, stones and  ceramic while being safe for users and the environment. KLEAN SURFACE ULTRA improves the adherence of paint on concrete.  KLEAN SURFACE ULTRA efficiently eliminates efflorescence salts and limescale deposits. KLEAN SURFACE ULTRA can also be used to lower pH and total alkalinity levels in pool water. Benefits Efficiently eliminates efflorescence salts and limescale deposits Organic solution with low environmental impact Format : 4 L