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Partial Pool Closing


Billed after service is completed.
    1 X 1 L Clean & Clear 600, algaecide
    1 X 1 L 3-MET-O, stain and scale preventative
    1 X 1 Kg SM-Brite, non-chlorine based shock

    This kit is highly recommended for any pool, especially pools with a safety cover, to ensure the best water quality possible.
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  • Please Note:
    We will respond to all online bookings within one business day. Please contact us if you do not receive this confirmation.

    1. Payment is due upon completion of closing. A credit card number must be provided prior to the appointment. If a card number is not provided the appointment may be canceled.
    2. Prices subject to change without notice.
    3. 48 hours notice is required when changing your appointment or a service charge may apply.
    4. Pools with complex systems may be subject to additional charge due to time.
    5. Winterize Pool Water Feature: $45.00 - applies to water features which run on independent systems, separate from the pool pump, and solar panels.
    6. A $95 charge applies to all pools which have more than one winter cover

    The pool closing does not include the following:

    1. Vacuuming or scooping leaves; this can be completed at an additional charge, however service request must be made at the time of booking the closing appointment.
    2. Equipment repairs; can be completed as a separate service appointment; applicable service rates will apply. This includes removing/replacing seized safety cover anchors and patching winter covers.
    Please ensure you have emptied your ground water well prior to our arrival to prevent your liner from shifting; the well should be kept dry year round.