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  • Alg Out Ultra 60% (1L)


    Concentrated liquid algaecide ALG OUT 60% destroys algae in pool water. Its highly concentrated formula makes it a powerful algaecide against visible algae. ALG OUT 60% treats a wide variety of algae (green, yellow and black). Benefit Controls algae in pool water Formats : 1 L

  • Correct Kit


    Correction Kit. Contains all the products needed to quickly correct your pool water The Summer Smiles CORRECT KIT corrects algae and cloudy water problems in 48 hours GUARANTEED! This kit is also recommended for making opening your pool easier in the spring. Your kit contains 1x 300 g Shok Ultra / pouch 1x 125 g Clarita / box of tablets 3x 600 g Shok Correct / pouch Other products not included in kit that may be required: Summer Smiles pH + Summer Smiles pH – Use this kit to: Get rid of algae Clear up cloudy water Benefits  Corrects coloured water in 48 hours Also great for opening pools quickly Format : 1.92 kg