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  • Klean Filter (1L)


    Concentrate Cleaner for all Filter Types KLEAN FILTER is a concentrated cleaner that efficiently removes dirt, scale, rust, body oils and cosmetics residue buildup in pool and spa sand or cartridge filters. When used on a regular basis, KLEAN FILTER will improve filtration and prolong the life of the cartridge or sand filter. Benefit Removes dirt and grease buildup in pool and spa cartridge or sand filters Formats : 1 L

  • Pro Spa Kit


    3-MONTH SPA MAINTENANCE KIT When you purchased your spa, you were looking forward to a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, until now, maintaining your hot tub has been neither pleasurable nor relaxing. With this kit, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the serenity and peace of mind you deserve. Your hot tub water will remain immaculate and crystal clear. The Sanimarc Pro Spa kit comes with a FREE MOBILE APP that sends you reminders when it’s time to add a product to your hot tub water. It contains all the products you need for a PERIOD OF 3-MONTHS. Enjoy total peace of mind and more time to unwind with the Sanimarc Pro Spa Kit! Easy. Effective. Clean. Sanimarc. LIMIT OF ONE PER CUSTOMER

  • Spa Alka+ (1kg)


    Raises Alkalinity in Spa Water SPA ALKA + prevents fluctuations in pH and helps to keep spa water perfectly balanced to optimize the efficiency of sanitizers. Maintaining balanced alkalinity will also improve bather comfort and protect spa equipment. Benefits Helps maintain a balanced pH Improves bather comfort Format: 1 kg

  • Spa Clarita Ultra 4/1 (500ml)


    Concentrated Clarifier for Spa Water SPA CLARITA ULTRA 4 IN 1 is a concentrated 4-in-1 clarifier for spa water. A single product for preventing and resolving the most common water problems such as cloudy water and excess organic waste, metals and phosphates. Benefits Clarifies water Eliminates organic waste Eliminates metals Eliminates phosphates Format: 500 mL

  • Spa Shok Ultra 3/1 (12x40g)


    Chlorine-Free Shock Treatment SPA SHOK ULTRA 3 IN 1 is a pre-measured chlorine-free shock treatment specially designed for spas. It actively eliminates organic waste and maintains water clarity in a single weekly treatment. Its quick-dissolving chlorine-free formula will not create stabilizer buildup. Benefits Eliminates organic waste Maintains water clarity No stabilizer buildup in water Format: Pouch of 40 G (12X40G)

  • Spa Chlor Ultra 1″ (2kg)


    Stabilized chlorinating granules SPA CHLOR ULTRA is a stabilized chlorine sanitizer for spa water. Its long-lasting stabilized chlorine-based formula provides prolonged disinfection of spa water and destruction of bacteria. Benefit Controls bacteria and algae in spa water Format: 800 g

  • Spa Broma Ultra (1.5kg)


    Sanitizer for Spa SPA BROMA ULTRA is an easy-to-use spa sanitizer that comes in tablet format to simplify dosing. The brominating tablets efficiently sanitize and disinfect water while also eliminating organic waste such as perspiration, body oils and cosmetics which tend to cloud water. Its odourless bromine formula works well in hot water, making it ideal for use in spas. It’s also gentler to eyes and skin than chlorine-based sanitizers. A great option for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Benefits Brominating tablets Controls bacteria and algae in spa water No chlorine odour Format: 1.5 kg

  • Spa Drain Ultra Kit


    Spa Pipe Cleaner and Descaler SPA DRAIN ULTRA is a spa pipe cleaner and descaler kit. It contains 3 numbered products to be added to the spa in easy steps. Benefits Eliminates organic matter deposits Removes and dissolves calcium build-ups in pipes

  • Spa Soft (1 Kg)


    Spa Water Softener and Conditioner SPA SOFT is a water softener that improves water quality and bather comfort. It balances the pH of spa water to boost the effectiveness of sanitizers. It also protects spa surfaces from corrosion and is compatible with all types of sanitizer. SPA SOFT increases the solubility of salts in water, leaving water clearer, cleaner and softer to the skin. Its pleasant scent enhances the sense of relaxation. Benefits Leaves skin feeling soft Increases the efficiency of sanitizers Pleasant scent Format: 1 kg

  • Spa Shok Ultra (1.2kg)


    Chlorine-Free Shock Treatment SPA SHOK ULTRA is a chlorine-free shock treatment specially designed for spas. This oxidizing and reactivating treatment actively eliminates organic  waste such as perspiration, body oils and cosmetics, to quickly restore the clarity of spa water. It also prolongs the effects of bromine or chlorine. Benefits Eliminates organic waste Fast-acting Format: 1.2 kg

  • Spa Calcium+ (1L)


    Raises Hardness in Spa Water SPA CALCIUM + helps to balance calcium hardness to avoid corrosion of metal surfaces, protect spa equipment and improve bather comfort. Its liquid formula is specifically designed for spas. It dissolves immediately and completely. Benefits Prevents corrosion of metal surfaces and erosion of spa surfaces Helps maintain a balanced pH Improves bather comfort Format: 1 L

  • Spa PH- (1L)


    Lowers pH in Spa Water SPA pH – is a pH reducer. Its concentrated liquid formula is specifically designed for spas. The odourless liquid dissolves quickly in hot water for rapid results, with no residue to affect bather comfort. Benefits Fast-acting concentrated liquid formula Improves bather comfort Format: 1 L