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  • Klean Filter (1L)



  • SaniMarc Pro Spa Kit


    3-MONTH SPA MAINTENANCE KIT When you purchased your spa, you were looking forward to a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, until now, maintaining your hot tub has been neither pleasurable nor relaxing. With this kit, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the serenity and peace of mind you deserve. Your hot tub water will remain immaculate and crystal clear. The Sanimarc Pro Spa kit comes with a FREE MOBILE APP that sends you reminders when it’s time to add a product to your hot tub water. It contains all the products you need for a PERIOD OF 3-MONTHS. Enjoy total peace of mind and more time to unwind with the Sanimarc Pro Spa Kit! Easy. Effective. Clean. Sanimarc.

  • Spa Alkalinity- (1L)


    Reduces Alkalinity in Spa Water SPA ALKA – lowers alkalinity and pH in spa water. Its liquid formula is specifically designed for spas. Dissolves immediately for rapid results with no residue. Benefits Fast-acting concentrated liquid formula Improves bather comfort Format: 1 L

  • Spa Alkalinity+ (1Kg)


    Raises Alkalinity in Spa Water SPA ALKA + prevents fluctuations in pH and helps to keep spa water perfectly balanced to optimize the efficiency of sanitizers. Maintaining balanced alkalinity will also improve bather comfort and protect spa equipment. Benefits Helps maintain a balanced pH Improves bather comfort Format: 1 kg

  • Spa Broma (900g)



  • Spa Broma Ultra (1.5kg)



  • Spa Calcium + (1L)


    Raises Hardness in Spa Water SPA CALCIUM + helps to balance calcium hardness to avoid corrosion of metal surfaces, protect spa equipment and improve bather comfort. Its liquid formula is specifically designed for spas. It dissolves immediately and completely. Benefits Prevents corrosion of metal surfaces and erosion of spa surfaces Helps maintain a balanced pH Improves bather comfort Format: 1 L

  • Spa Chlor Ultra 1″ Tabs


    Stabilized chlorinating granules SPA CHLOR ULTRA is a stabilized chlorine sanitizer for spa water. Its long-lasting stabilized chlorine-based formula provides prolonged disinfection of spa water and destruction of bacteria. Benefit Controls bacteria and algae in spa water Format: 800 g

  • Spa Clarita Ultra 4/1 (1.5kg)


    Concentrated Clarifier for Spa Water SPA CLARITA ULTRA 4 IN 1 is a concentrated 4-in-1 clarifier for spa water. A single product for preventing and resolving the most common water problems such as cloudy water and excess organic waste, metals and phosphates. Benefits Clarifies water Eliminates organic waste Eliminates metals Eliminates phosphates Format: 500 mL

  • Spa Drain Ultra


    Contents of the kit 1 x No. 1 | 170 g 1 x No. 2 | 700 g 1 x No. 3 | 340 g Application method Sprinkle the contents of the products on the surface of the spa water according to the instructions. Instructions Remove headrests (cartridges can remain in the spa during the process). Sprinkle the entire content of No. 1 pouch, followed by No. 2 product. Run the spa pumps for 4 hours. After the 4-hour wait, pour the content of No. 3 product and activate the pumps for 15 minutes. Drain. Rinse the cartridges and refill with fresh water. Dosage One kit treats up to 2,000 L of spa water. Warning Always keep the spa cover open during the cleaning process. DO NOT apply the product when people are in the spa.

  • Spa Foam Out (500ml)


    Eliminates and Prevents Foam in Spa Water SPA FOAM OUT prevents and eliminates foam in spa water. It is designed for use in aerated and heated water. It works in seconds so that you can enjoy your spa sooner. Benefit Acts quickly to eliminate foaming in spa water Format: 500 mL