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  • Hayward AquaNaut 450 (Expert Line)

    EXPERT LINE products are only available through your local pool professional. AquaNaut 450 automatic suction pool cleaners are the only 4-wheel drive suction cleaners available. Patented V-Flex™ variable vane turbine technology handles larger debris without clogging and maximizes suction power at virtually any flow, making them ideal for use with variable speed pumps. With 4-wheel drive capability, all-terrain tires and adjustable roller skirt, AquaNaut 450 can expertly clean pools up to 20’ x 40’, including deep ends, without clogging or getting stuck. AquaNaut 450 is only available through your local pool professional. Covers Pools up to 20' x 40' Model: PBS42CST Warranty: 2-years

  • Hayward Navigator V-Flex (Expert Line)

    EXPERT LINE products are only available through your local pool professional. Navigator® V-Flex™ automatic suction pool cleaner delivers more power, reliability and performance than ever. Equipped with patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology, Navigator V-Flex can pick up larger dirt and debris more effectively than any other cleaner on the market for peace of mind of clog-free cleaning. It maximizes suction power even at lower flow-making it the perfect partner for use with variable speed pumps. Its unmatched patented SmartDrive® programmed steering determines the most efficient cleaning path around any pool and assists with cleaner maneuverability for the most reliable, complete pool coverage. Model: HSC925CV Warranty: 2-years For pools up to 20' x 40'

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    Hayward TRX-20

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    NOTICE:  Clearance item. FINAL SALE. Designed for pools up to 16 x 32 feet in size, the TRX-20 has you covered for cleaning your pool floor, walls* and coves! With front tires with raised treads, the TRX-20 can overcome any reasonable obstacle, such as the main drain or an uneven surface, making the TRX-20 ideal for all pool surfaces and shapes. *Wall climbing capability and pool coverage may be affected by specific pool shapes and surfaces. The cleaner may not climb the wall under certain conditions. Not for use with soft-sided pools TRX-20 is well suited for pools up to 16' x 32'. Model: TRX-20 Warranty: 1-Year