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004-159-2212-02: Paramount SDX Retro Grate for Vinyl – Grey


SDX is a high flow suction outlet suitable for use as a wall fitting and also as a floor drain when debris removal is not a concern. A “Retro” version is available to bring existing suction outlet covers into compliance with the new law. SDX Retro fits existing plaster rings up to 10” in diameter.

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Product Description

SDX protects against all five types of entrapment; hair, limb, body suction, evisceration, and mechanical entrapment.
• NO SUMP REQUIRED – No need to chisel out a sump to meet the1.5 times the pipe diameter sump depth requirement.
• SDX has a 1.485 FPS Volocity at the opening at a maximum listed 200 GPM
• Approved as a bulkhead fitting so the safety is in the cover and plate.
• Patented “ribbed” design achieves high flow with sixty “mini” drains
• Suction doesn’t transfer if one area is covered
• Dome shape to prevent a seal by a swimmer
• Anti-vortex shield blocks contact with direct suction
• Included with MDX as a second point of suction
• “Retro” version fits existing suction outlets up to 10” in diameter
• Stainless steel security screws
• Secondary support plate secured to protect the sump and fittings

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