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Clarita Ultra 3 in 1 (100g)


Long-lasting clarifier

Clarita UltraTM 3-in-1 is a prolonged action clarifier that clarifies water, eliminates phosphates and improves filtration. Its gel formula improves filtration and water clarity in just 12 hours.


  • Clarifies pool water
  • Eliminates phosphates
  • Improves filtration

Format : 1 x 100 g

Product Description

Previously: Sani Marc Action Cube (2 x 85g)

Application Method:

Place CLARITA ULTRA 3 IN 1 directly in the skimmer basket.


  • Ensure chlorine and pH levels are correct.
  • Add one cube of CLARITA ULTRA 3 IN 1 according to the application method.
  • Check filter pressure and backwash if needed to evacuate waste buildup created by the treatment and lower filter pressure.
  • Run the filter for 24 hours.
  • If needed, add a second cube to further clarify water.


One cube of CLARITA ULTRA 3 IN 1 treats up to 120,000 L of pool water.

EVERY POOL SIZES(up to 80,000 L)
DOSAGE (as needed)1 cube


Compatible with salt systems.


Remove any residue from the water’s surface close to the pool walls.

Additional Information

Weight.1 kg

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