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Concept 10 Chlorine Pool Care

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CONCEPT 10 16.8 (8-16 WEEKS)

8-week maintenance system for pools of up to 90,000 L or 16 weeks for pools of up to 45,000 L.

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With Concept 10 we have taken the guesswork out of pool maintenance. Concept 10 is an easy to use system that contains 3 products:

  • A high performing sanitizer with zinc (a natural algaecide)
  • A pre-measured and ‘no need to pre-mix’ shock
  • A non-foaming algaecide

See how easy it is to maintain your pool with Concept 10:

  • Add all products in minutes, just once per week!
  • Pre-measured to provide 8 or 16 weeks of pool care
  • No pre-mixing, no direct handling of chemicals
  • Guaranteed algae-free results

Product Usage Instructions

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