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Equipment Start Up


Charged Upon Completion of Service.

Available on backorder

  • The Summer Smiles OPENING KIT makes opening your pool easy so that you can quickly dive right into the swimming season. Just 24 hours after adding the products, you’ll have clear water that’s ready to be balanced. 1x500 ml All Out Ultra 4 IN 1 Bottle
    1 x 125g Clarita / Box of Tablets
    1x 1 x 1 kg Chlor Ultra / Bottle

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  • Please Note:
    We will respond to all online bookings within one business day.
    Please contact us if you do not receive this confirmation.

    1. Prices subject to change without notice.
    2. A cancellation Fee of $90.00, may apply to appointments changed or cancelled without 48 hours notice.
    3. Pools with an excessive debris load and/or complex systems will be subject to addition charges due to the additional time required to complete the opening.
    4. Our technicians will not install or mount any diving boards or install deck accessories with broken or missing hardware.
    5. Water Feature Start-Up fee is applicable to each of the following additional systems: solar panels, water falls, sheer decent, deck jets, laminar's, secondary pool skimmer, and auto-fill lines. If your pool has more than one feature you will be charged the fee per feature. This fee covers the additional time it takes to set up and ensure each feature is operating normally

    The pool opening does not include the following:

    1. Lighting or starting of the pool heater pilot light.
    2. Vacuuming of the pool; this service is available at an additional cost and must be booked with opening to ensure enough time is allocated to complete this service at time of opening. Alternatively a separate appointment for an initial vacuuming service can be arranged.
    3. Equipment repairs.
    4. Installing or starting up auto cleaner.
    5. Adding salt.
    6. Filling pool to operational level.
    7. $75.00 charge is applicable for pools which have two winter covers installed.
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