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Full Pool Closing


Charged Upon Completion of Service.
    1x 500 mL Alg Out 40% / bottle
    1x 250 mL Clarita Ultra 2 IN 1 / bottle
    1x 1 kg Alka+ / bottle

    The Summer Smiles CLOSING KIT will ensure your pool is properly closed at the end of the season. This kit will prevent algae growth over the winter and its slow-dissolving products will keep working until the spring to make opening the pool easier next season.
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  • Please Note:
    We will respond to all online bookings within one business day. Please contact us if you do not receive this confirmation.

    1. Payment is due upon completion of closing. A credit card number must be provided prior to the appointment. If a card number is not provided the appointment may be canceled.
    2. Prices subject to change without notice.
    3. 48 hours notice is required when changing your appointment or a service charge may apply.
    4. Pools with complex systems may be subject to additional charge due to time.
    5. Winterize Pool Water Feature: $45.00 - applies to each water feature (waterfalls, sheer descents, auto fillers, and solar panels.
    6. A $95 charge applies to all pools which have more than one winter cover

    The pool closing does not include the following:

    1. Vacuuming or scooping leaves; this can be completed at an additional charge, however service request must be made at the time of booking the closing appointment.
    2. Equipment repairs; can be completed as a separate service appointment; applicable service rates will apply. This includes removing/replacing seized safety cover anchors and patching winter covers.
    3. A $45 charge applies to pools with drop-in steps. Removed only at pool owner's request. Strongly recommended that steps be removed prior to the pool closing at a separate service appointment in order to avoid damage; as it is best to remove with someone inside the pool. Pool must be heated.
    Please ensure you have emptied your ground water well prior to our arrival to prevent your liner from shifting; the well should be kept dry year round.
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