Model: S200
Warranty: 2-Years


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Product Description

Built to deliver a deep clean. The S200 is powerfully nimble on vertical surfaces for intense wall and waterline scrubbing. With superior filtering capabilities, dirt and debris can’t hide from this underwater cleaning machine.


Get a Really Clean Pool
Powerful scrubbing of floor, walls and waterline


Effortless Cleaning
Tangle-free swivel allows the S200 to move with ease for complete coverage


Hello, Free time!
Set the weekly scheduler to automatically clean for you


  • Cleans pools up to 50 ft
  • Coverage: Floors, Walls, Waterline
  • Cleaning Mode: Standard
    • Cycle Length: 2 hours
  • Connectivity and Automation:
    • Weekly Timer
    • Automation Mode
  • Cable Length: 60 ft
  • Caddy NOT included

Additional Information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 13 in

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