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Shok Ultra 3/1 (12x600g)


Shock Treatment

SHOK ULTRA 3 IN 1 is a pre-measured shock treatment that actively eliminates organic waste such as perspiration, body oil and cosmetics, maintains water clarity and controls algae in a single weekly treatment. This re-activating treatment restores water’s sparkle while prolonging the effect of chlorine.


  • Eliminates organic waste
  • Maintains water clarity
  • Controls algae

Format : Pouch of 600 g

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Product Description

Application method

Sprinkle SHOK ULTRA 3 IN 1 directly over the surface of the water while walking around the pool.


  • Maintain daily levels as directed on the label of the pool sanitizer used and as determined by test kit.
  • Put filter in filtration mode.
  • For each treatment, add one (600 g) pouch of SHOK ULTRA 3 IN 1 per 80,000 L of water according to the application method.
  • Wait 30 minutes before using the pool.


  • One pouch treats up to 80,000 L of pool water.
  • Use SHOK ULTRA 3 IN 1 weekly to keep water crystal clear.
ROUTINE DOSAGE (weekly) 1 pouch



  • Compatible with salt systems.
  • DO NOT apply the product at the same time as adding salt. Wait for salt to dissolve completely before adding SHOK ULTRA 3 IN 1.
  • DO NOT apply the product when people are in the pool.
  • DO NOT use with products containing calcium hypochlorite; may cause explosion.

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