No matter the shape, size, make, or model of your hot tub or spa, we can guarantee the production of a custom replacement cover that fits perfectly!

Personalize your cover by selecting from a range of 10 color choices!

What is a taper?

The term "taper" in relation to your hot tub cover indicates the incline or slope of the cover. For instance, a measurement of 4 to 3 inches signifies that the hot tub cover is 4 inches thick in the center and gradually narrows down to 3 inches at the edges. Think of it as a gentle slope, similar to the pitch you might observe on the roof of your house.

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The RhinoHyde spa cover is made to last. We use high-end raw materials to ensure our covers withstand the elements and quality workmanship to safeguard against the rigors of everyday use. We use quality workmanship to ensure that the RhinoHyde can withstand the rigors of every day use.


UV treated marine-grade vinyl
Full 2″ aluminum C channel
Super strong tie downs
Commercial zipper
4-mill poly wrap
1.5lb and 2lb density foam
Reinforced handles

All covers made in Canada / U.S.A.